We are delighted to announce that we have started rolling out our electronic lab result delivery service. With it, you can access your lab results wherever you are via your phone, tablet or computer

All it entails is you go to your lab (or ask the lab to come to you). Get your blood taken and forget about it. As soon as your results are ready, you will get an SMS and email message giving you info on how to access and download your result from wherever you are. We are also able to give access to your doctor to view your results.

This means no more, keeping track of all those results and papers. It will be automatically filed and kept for you and your doctor can always have access to them.

So if you’re getting any blood test done, contact us to recommend a lab already in our network – we have labs in Abuja, Nigeria currently – or inform us what lab you usually attend and we’ll contact them to get them into our network.