The 28th of July is world Hepatitis day. There are over 400 million people worldwide with hepatitis. Many of these live in Africa and are often unaware of it until they become very sick with liver failure.This year the focus is on preventing viral hepatitis infection. We present below, 4 tips to prevent viral hepatitis:

1. Get tested

No point preventing what you already have. Go get tested for hepatitis B today to know your status. This is especially important if you’re a woman as you can pass the virus on to your child during childbirth.

If you reside in Abuja, contact us to get a recommendation of a great lab to get your test done and then delivered to you electronically. If you are found to have hepatitis we help arrange the best possible treatment and follow up. Do it now and don’t wait till it’s to late.

2. Don’t share needles

Whenever needles are used on you, insist that it must be brand new and disposed of properly afterwards. Hepatitis virus is far more infective than HIV and can stay alive for long periods of time. Other objects that may have blood on them such as clippers, toothbrushes etc should ideally not be shared.

3. Don’t have unprotected intercourse

Hepatitis virus can be transmitted through unprotected intercourse. Remember to always have protection when with a new or untested partner. A moment of pleasure may result in a lifetime of misery or death.

4. Vaccinate

The ultimate way to prevent hepatitis is to get vaccinated. Ask your doctor about a vaccine today if you haven’t gotten one yet. If you are in close contact with a hepatitis carrier, you may need to check your immunity levels after sometime to ensure it is still sufficient.

Share this knowledge widely to help save a life today.

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