The new year is always a good time to be a gym owner. Thousands if not millions of people gain a new gym membership swelling your coffers. The reason? To help them follow through with a new year’s resolution of becoming healthier and more fit. However by the time February or march rolls by, more often than not the gym membership has been tossed aside and old habits have returned.

How can you overcome this age old problem and sustain the new habits you wish to initiate at the start of a new year? There are a few things that may help:
– Make only a small number of changes –
don’t try to do 50 new things at once. If you succeed in doing only one thing healthier this year then you have made progress. It can be simple as saying i will no longer add sugar to my tea, or i will stop putting salt in my cooking. The point is to keep changes to a minimum
– Make simple stepwise changes –
In an attempt to be super healthy, you may plan to run 3 marathons this year, problem being you don’t remember the last time you went out for a walk. How about starting out with a daily 30 minutes walk around your neighborhood then build up to marathons in the coming months and years
– Be accountable to someone –
There are great wonders in sharing your goals with a loved one who can follow up with you regularly to see how you are doing. Better yet you may choose to involve them in your healthy change. So you can ask your spouse to join you in cutting out salt or in taking that 20 minute daily walk. The thought of letting someone else down may be the motivation you need to keep going.
– Get up after any failures – 
Making changes is always hard and the chances are you will fail.
It’s ok! however remember to get up and start over again the next day or the next week. Just don’t leave it till the next year where you’ll be back in the cycle of failed new year’s resolutions. This year resolve to make it stick
Tell us about your resolutions in the comments space below and any tips you may have for sticking to them.